The one about the Mother In Law, the dry turkey and the new Boyfriend

My Mother In Law called last night to invite the family over for Christmas Dinner. Flyfour had answered the phone to her in a sudden rush of conscience knowing that a phone call at 9pm on a Tuesday evening couldn't be ignored as she would know we were in and the excuse that we had turned the sound down on the phone and so didn't hear it ring is wearing a bit thin. There was a small amount of small talk that I didn't pay any attention to having zoned out as soon as he had announced it was her calling but it was when I heard my name mentioned I started listening in to his side of the conversation.

I think Pippa has invited her Mum over or she would be on her own for Christmas.
Oh well that's nice that you would include her Mum.
I'll have to check with Pippa and what she has arranged.
Yes I will let you know.

Christmas Dinner, but not a dry one

When Flyfour got off the phone he let me know that my Mum was included with us in the offer of joining his Mum and her boyfriend for Christmas Dinner. I don't think in the ten years that Flyfour and I have been married that we have been invited over for Christmas Dinner. In fact I only remember being invited over once and even then it was an interesting meal with Turkey Roll that was dry and vegetables that were overdone. I don't think that my taste buds could take another assault like that one.

Then of course there is the issue of her boyfriend. My MIL's husband died less than a year ago, and it's not that I'm saying that she shouldn't have a boyfriend, or even that she should be dressed in black and weeping over her dead husbands grave on a daily basis but it just seems odd to me that she is ready to move on so quickly. To have the first Christmas without her second husband (Divorced the first, widowed by the second) to be the first Christmas with her new boyfriend and to want your family who has only been for dinner once in the last ten years to be there to witness it, it just seems a bit crass. It isn't just me is it?

I'm leaving it up to Flyfour what we do. I'm not making this decision just like I don't make any of the others.


  1. I think that is nice that she invited you over. I know it may seem a bit of a short time since her husband died, but we all grieve and move on at different paces. She obviously wants her son near her for Christmas since it will be the first without her husband and will probably be a bit emotional for her. The boyfriend might be just an extra bit of emotional padding. He might be someone that she can talk about her grief with, but nobody really knows the workings of other's romantic life, ya know. I also think it was nice of her to have invited your mum so she won't be alone on Christmas as well. Maybe I am just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt since I don't know her, also maybe a bit of food for thought for you. Love ya!

  2. Thanks Kat, I know but it's just odd that she has never invited us before and then goes and does this. I think that she hasn't thought about the other family members despite us all having been bending over backwards to make her feel welcome and happy.


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