What's this all about then?

Well if you have found me here, then you must know me from A Mothers Ramblings or on Twitter because they are the only two places I have "outed" myself so far.

Right so what is Pippa World all about? Well many moons ago I had a boss (who was rather lovely) who often joked it must be nice at Pippa World and so seeing as the internet is the cheapest way to build a whole land dedicated to oneself I decided to create Pippa World here on the net.

Over at AMR, I talk about my family as it is a record of all the fantastic things we tried, places we went, people we met etc, but I feel a bit wrong about filling it up with pictures of me in my underwear looking fat and well just fat. So I thought that maybe, Pippa World could be the place for me. The place where all the junk that is in my head falls out for you to read...

So here we go.

Welcome to Pippa World...


  1. Dear Pippa.

    I do love you. That is all.

    Love, Me. xxx

  2. Dear Rachael,

    I love you too!

    Love from the other me that is me me.


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